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Rollease Acmeda Headquarters

Rollease Acmeda has upgraded their US based company headquarters to a Class A space in the heart of downtown Stamford CT. Currently owned and operated by Forestone Capital, the 750 East Main Street building was originally built in 1986 and offers 25,236 SF of newly renovated, prime office space.

General Contractor: Forestone

Installing Dealer: American Vertical Blinds

Fabricator:Shades by Matiss

System 1:Medium Fascia Motorized System- Q2 Motors with Solar Panel charging system.

Fabric: Alkenz Custom Design Weave 3000 HT Performance Fabric 3% Openness

There are several design challenges that Forestone and Rollease Acmeda Commercial Group needed to manage in order to have optimal employee efficiency and to keep thermal heat gain in the spaces in an acceptable range. Expansive curtain wall windows
overlooking from scenic downtown Stamford all the way to the Long Island Sound adds a difficult dynamic of glare, thermal control and view through concerns that must be addressed in a proper shading strategy. Due to the expansive office footprint framed by 104 large windows per floor, Rollease Acmeda endeavored to ensure that employees do not spend undue amounts of time adjusting the shading systems to control glare in their workspaces so Rollease Acmeda opted to show off their innovative Automate motor system with automated features. The natural light is to be filtered to reduce glare but also harvested to reduce costly reliance on overhead lighting. Another challenge is there is only a 3.4” depth at the window head, space for installation is an added challenge. Complicating the sought-after level of shading automation, the project is an existing building so power could not be run to the windows to support the requested level of motorization / automation.

In an effort to achieve optimal view through to amplify the stunning views of southern Fairfield County, a dark custom weave design Alkenz Series 3000 HT twill weave fabric with a 3% openness factor was chosen. The twill weave design features a dark custom design to the room side which accentuates décor and increases view through while the window facing side is a white reflective surface providing 54% reflectivity which keeps the sun’s harsh rays from becoming heat inside the façade, keeping cooling costs manageable. Based on computer modelling using Energy Plus, comparable buildings can achieve between 10-15% savings on annual cooling costs with a proper shading plan utilizing automated shading over the baseline glazing alone. In conjunction with the existing glazing system this fabric choice offers dynamic light control on the work spaces while maximizing natural light pulled into the open floor plan to minimize the use of overhead lighting. Rollease Acmeda management wanted a recessed aesthetic as to appear that the shading systems deployed from the trim or ceiling itself. Due to the existing ceiling structure recessing into the ceiling was not possible but an inside mount installation with the sleek Contract Series 1 Medium Fascia System was a perfect fit to mask the shading system while allowing for the solar panel to be fitted behind the shading system as well. The existing window mullions featured a clear anodized finish and that was able to be matched out the manufacturers standard finish selection. Powering the 104 motorized shading units was not a problem as the Automate wire-free Q2 Quiet Motor, has a built-in rechargeable Liion battery system and each motor system is attached to an Automate low light harvesting solar panel, an optimal solution for a net zero powering scheme, utilizing no outside electricity post installation, hidden behind the shading system. The solar panel creates a completely off-grid system that virtually never needs attention, allowing the office staff to focus on their own creativity rather than the shading.

The Automate motor system features 2-way bidirectional communication which allows the shading systems to “talk back” to the controls for a customizable automated experience. Each quadrant of the open office format is controlled by an Automate Pulse Hub and they are networked together for larger level commands in automation, and each office area has a surface mounted wall switch for more dynamic, individual day lighting control. A system of Arc Signal Repeaters was also added to assist in creating a robust 433 FSK network. Rollease Acmeda showing off its new, state-of-the-art Automate platform; an automated network of shading systems is deployed utilizing no wiring for power or data whatsoever.

There was excessive glare and thermal challenges in the lobby area where two story (18’ tall) windows collect the unobstructed south facing façade. Rollease Acmeda opted for our Contract Series 1 Large Fascia System created for large window systems, driven by the incredibly strong 10 Nm Q10 ACRF Automate motor, which lifts at a silent 42 DB as to not interrupt the lobby meeting area. The same twill weave with 3% openness and custom design was used to keep glare and thermal issues controlled and to tie the design into the corporate offices.

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