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Fabric Tariff Notice

Dear Valued Customer,

We have received notification that the so-called 3rd round of tariffs announced by our administration on a range of products from China could be effective as early as September 6, 2018.  We source several ranges of fabrics from Chinese mills which include the following; Mesa, Tempe, Vista, Balmoral, X-Weave and Largo.  It appears likely that this portion of our fabric program will be impacted by tariffs of 25%.  Our solar screen line (including fabrics from Alkenz, performance fabrics such as SilverScreen, and Ambient) as well as our decorative fabrics from Almedahls will not be impacted.

We are trying to be as proactive as possible by providing notice of these upcoming changes as early as possible.  We expect to have final confirmation of timing and duty rate (these tariffs initially were at 10% and have recently been proposed to increase to 25%) within a week or two, but this is a highly political and unpredictable process and we cannot provide any firm information.  Our best advice from experts in this field is that the process has progressed sufficiently to make it more likely than not that these tariffs will be implemented in September.  In that event, we will have no option but to pass this government tax on through the supply chain.

Rollease Acmeda is committed to communicating the implementation of these tariffs in a very transparent manner and as early as possible.  As such, please anticipate future communications on this topic and take whatever actions make sense for your particular business to prepare.

We are obviously hopeful that these tariffs will be eliminated or reduced in the short future and commit to re-adjusting our pricing once trade relations stabilize.


Peter Koenig

Director – Sales & Marketing