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An Extreme Shade Makes An Extreme Impact On 750 East Main Street

“Forstone Property Management was looking for a solution to fit a large window in their 750 East Main Street property in Stamford, CT. The extra-large window was shaded by three individual shades, but Forstone Property Management had received numerous complaints about light bleed through the gaps in the existing shades.”

Three Shades, One Window

Forstone Property Management was renovating their location at 750 East Main Street in Stamford, Connecticut and were looking for a window treatment that would cover a large window in the amenity area. Before the renovation, the building had three separate shades spanning across the window to cover the unitized curtain wall.

Forstone had many complaints of a glare peeking through the gaps between the three individual shades and were looking for a solution that would remove the glare and stylishly fit into the renovated common area.

Rollease Acmeda is headquartered in this building and was tasked with coming up with a solution that spanned the entire window, creating a single shade application instead of the three individual shades. The design needed to be modern and fit the stylization of the updated room.

Improved Function & Aesthetic

Using the Contract Series Specialty S100 Extreme system with an anodized box 190 fascia with an F72 bottom bar, a solution was found. This extra-large shade spans (18’ x 18’) as a single shade instead of three individual shading units. The Contract Series Specialty S100 Extreme system can span up to 27′.  The glare coming from between the individual shades was gone.

For ease of operation, the Rollease Acmeda Contract team worked with Forstone Property management to select a 120v, 30Nm, star head Automate motor capable of lifting such a large shade. To control the motorized shade, a flush wall-mounted 5-channel switch was installed.

Because of the extremely large size of the 324 FTdaylight window opening, the fabric needed to be railroaded to create a shade that would cover the entirety of the window. The railroaded fabric aligned the seams with the mullions for a premium aesthetic. The 4000 NET 3% White/Beige fabric meets NFPA 701 standards and is Greenguard Gold and Oeko-Tex certified.

The solution was fabricated and installed by Specialized Shading Systems of Ardsley, New York.

Download the full project write up here

An Extreme Shade Makes an Extreme Impact on 750 East Main Street